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Sex Within Marriage

Hot and Monogamous, just as God intended

SurveyThis survey was actually sent to me by a reader.  We’ve talked about porn in the past, but not much about erotic literature.  So, he was curious about the prevalence of erotic literature reading in Christian marriages.  I tweaked it a bit (with his permission), and so here’s the survey.  Of course, given the upcoming 50 Shades of Grey movie, we had to ask a few questions regarding that as well.

So, regardless of your stance, history or experience with erotic literature, we’d appreciate it if you filled out the survey below so we can get an accurate representation of marriages.

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This week a very good friend of mine, sent me an email with the subject “Found a great blog”, and the body of the email was just a link to this blog and the words “What do you think?”

In case you didn’t catch that…my friend found my blog…my anonymous blog…my anonymous blog about sex.  I’m pretty sure he knows it’s me too, because he knows I have an anonymous blog, and the subject matter…I’ve just never shared the address with him, and, frankly, he’s too smart not to figure it out.  Continue reading

WhenDoIGiveUpHopeA question that comes up often in my talks with spouses is “When do I give up hope?”  After all, if divorce isn’t an option and you can’t make your spouse do anything, what are the chances that they’re just going to “come around” and be the spouse we want them to be?  At what point do you give up, settle for what you have, and just continue, waiting until one of you dies. Continue reading

Anonymous QuestionI was asked this question recently over Twitter, so it’s not quite anonymous, but well, it was easier to stick with the same graphic.  Plus, I didn’t ask if the questioner wanted to be attributed, so I thought it best to keep it this way.  His question is:

Who should make the first move when it come to sex..the husband or the wife?

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Anonymous Question
I received this question last night, through our Have A Question page and even though I’ve answered it on other posts, I have no way of letting the asker know, other than writing a short post specifically about their question.  Plus, I thought I might be able to add a little extra encouragement for this one person, and perhaps others.

If masturbation is sinful, how can I ever experience sexual release if I have only climaxed two times during sexual intercourse in the past five years of marriage?

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What2015HasInStoreForUsLast week, WordPress sent me my annual “year in review” email.  The results are here if you care to see them.  It’s funny, last year I had planned to post every Wednesday, and that shows…for 4 months.  Then it sort of fell apart and I went back to sporadic writing.  Anyways, I thought it might be helpful for me to sit down and think about what I want to do with the blog this year.  How am I going to try and grow this ministry, to help more people, and be more effective. Continue reading

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