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Sex Within Marriage

Hot and Monogamous, just as God intended

CMBA_challenge_14As I mentioned in my last post, this month, the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association is hosting a challenge to it’s members: four topics to write about during the month of October.  I got my Words of Wisdom from Family in a bit late, but I did get it done.  So, we’ll see if I can get this one in on time.  This week’s topic is “Words and wisdom from the Bible”.

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EveryPregnancyIsDifferentI’ve been keeping a secret from you.  It wasn’t intentional…it just hasn’t really come up.  But we’re at about the half-way mark now, and if I don’t say anything…it’s going to start getting awkward I think.  We’re having another baby boy!  For those who aren’t keeping count, this is #5.  I know, I know, we’re insane by cultural standards.  We’re way over our 2.1 quota, but we take Genesis 1:28 seriously…plus…we like sex…and as I’ve said before, I have an irrational fear of permanent birth control measures.  As such, the next few months may be a little bit more “pregnancy and birthing” themed than usual…because…well…it’s our blog, and that’s what we’re going through, and I think we may have a few things we can share, and I’m curious about other people’s experiences, so that means surveys about pregnancies most likely.

Having survived four previous pregnancies and planning to survive this (last?) one with our marriage not only intact, but still growing, I thought I’d share something I’ve learned.

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Wives Orgasm ExperiencesCardEvery survey we run, I get a certain question in the comments.  It comes in different ways.  How can I orgasm, how can I get my wife to orgasm, why can’t I orgasm, what do other wives do to orgasm, what do husbands do to their their wives to orgasm, and many other permutations.  So, I thought I’d run a survey just to answer the question.  I also spent some time picking up a new skill that I hope will help people assimilate the data better.  I would love to know what you think.  Anyways, on to our very first Infographic! Continue reading

SurveyWhile this survey is specifically designed to find answers for women, I’ve designed the survey so that husbands can answer the questions too.

I get a few people every month asking how they can orgasm, if they are women, or, if they are men, how to help their wife achieve orgasm. So, since I only have one wife, I am asking for your assistance in this. While I have some theoretical knowledge that may help, I think it would be wise to get some practical experience from other wives and husbands. Thank you in advance for your data.
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Work and SexSo, this past week we ran a survey.  Basically I was curious about how different working combinations in a marriage play out in terms of sexual frequency.  Again, as always not that sex is the end all and be all of marriage, or that frequency is the best measure, but it’s the most objective, quantitative barometer of a marriage that I have.  If there is another, please let me know.

I was really curious to see how the data would stack up against the traditional/conservative few of “Husbands work, wives stay home and raise the kids” vs the postmodern/liberal view of “Gender is a thing of the past, anyone can do anything”.  I hope you are as curious as I was.  So, without further ado, here are the results. Continue reading

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