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Hot and Monogamous, just as God intended


I’ve seen this question floating around.  Why is it that men like sex in the morning?  It drives a lot of women absolutely crazy, because they wake up in the morning feeling groggy, haven’t done their makeup, they have bed-head, etc., etc.,  basically, not feeling fully confident in themselves as a sexual being.

So, why is it that men are ready to go first thing in the morning.

I think there are two reasons. Continue reading

This is the seventh post in the 1/2 Marathon being orchestrated by the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association.  I have a bunch of questions left from the A Males Perspective teleconference I spoke at last week.  As such, I’ll be using this marathon to answer some of the questions I received.  Please note, these are my perspective.  I cannot vouch for all males and when I’m giving my perspective on women, I certainly cannot vouch for all women.  Also, all references to gender traits are based on the average population, there are exceptions of course.  Please do not be offended by these if you are not “neuro-typical” for your gender.  So, on to the question:

Do you believe that couples go through sexual seasons in their relationships?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: We’ve been through a few already in our short (11 year) marriage. Continue reading

One of our largest topics for fighting conflict (in the past) is that I (from her perspective) “want sex all the time”.  I have pretty hard time denying that allegation, because, well, it’s true.

I see this theme a lot in my readings on message boards, blogs, Facebook, twitter, etc.  Statements like:

“All he wants is sex”

“All he thinks about is sex”

“All he wants me for is sex”

“He wants sex all the time” Continue reading

We recently welcomed our fourth child into our family and I thought I’d write a bit to reflect what’s going on on the sexual side of things in terms of pregnancy and after the birth from the male perspective.

Now, I know this may rub wrong with the women who read this, because pregnancy is typically all about the women.  I can’t speak for that side, so I’m going to post on behalf of the men, especially myself.  I want to let people know about the struggles involved for the husband, because we get overlooked a lot during this time, and frankly, it’s dangerous.

Now, this is a generalization based on my experiences, there will be exceptions, but I think what’s happening in our household is fairly normal.


So, if you are planning to get pregnant, things start of great!  Your wife wants sex all the time (or at least while she’s fertile), she seems always in the mood and ready at the drop of a hat.  Now, here’s where the first conflict emerges: Continue reading

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