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book review

Real Marriage Book Review Last week I was asked what my opinions on the book “Real Marriage” by Mark & Grace Driscoll were.  I didn’t have any because I hadn’t read the book.  I’ve seen the cover here and there, and I’d heard the name, but no-one’s opinion of the book stood out in my mind.  Then I was told it was fairly controversial in the evangelical circles.  Well, that peaked my interest.  A book, about sex, by a pastor that’s controversial, that might be interesting, I thought.  Well, it’s really hard to write a book as a pastor about sex that isn’t controversial these days, in all truth, but still, it caught my mind.  So, I grabbed the audio-book, and spent a week and a half’s worth of commuting listening to it.  I also listened to the chapter on husbands with my wife while doing the dishes one night, and then the chapter on wives with my wife while making supper this afternoon.

I had posted on Facebook that I was going through the book, and some people were curious about my opinion of it, so I thought I’d write a quick review. Continue reading

I was really looking forward to reading this book.  The concept is amazing.

This Christian family has a tradition, for 8 generations (at least, might be more), the grandmothers have sat their granddaughters down during their engagements and unloaded everything they know about sex to them over a week or two visit.  Completely in private, no one around, giving time for questions, repetition, and time to let all the information sink in.

I love this concept.  I hope I can remember to do with this my grand children.

The book came about because one of the daughters became terminally ill and couldn’t bear the thought of breaking the tradition.  So, she started typing out everything we wanted her granddaughters to know.  Eventually word got out (discretely among the other wives) and they started adding what they knew and were taught, and learned on their own to the body of knowledge.

Now, I thought this was the holy grail of sex knowledge.  8 generations of a large Christian families sex tips and tricks including a former lesbian and a former high-end call girl.

Now, here’s the catch, there are two problems: Continue reading

Rena over at gave me this book suggestion quite a while ago (at least 6 months) and I finally got around to reading it at the end of the summer, and just now am getting around to writing about it.

This book is about the theology of sex.  This is not a book about practical advice, though there is some sprinkled throughout.  This is a discussion of how the fall changed sex, and our struggle with it in this life.  That said, it’s incredibly impacting. Continue reading

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