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Sex Within Marriage

Hot and Monogamous, just as God intended

Sex During Pregnancy InfographicA week and a half ago I posted a survey about sex during pregnancy.  Sex is a taboo subject, sex during pregnancy even more so.  Both women and men have questions, false preconceptions and often a fear of reaching out to get advice.  So, I asked about your experiences, and advice for new fathers and mothers, so that hopefully, we can answer some of these questions, dispel some false beliefs about sex during pregnancy.  Since everyone seemed to like our last infographic, I decided to use the same approach, implementing some of your suggestions.

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InformativeOrEroticBeing a Christian Sex Blogger comes with a unique challenge:  How do you educate about sex while keeping it informative, interesting, accessible, yet not crossing a line into being erotic?

I received an email this week from a single male who seemed to be chastising me, although it wasn’t entirely clear.  He said that even my post titles such as clitoral slapping and my post on female ejaculation were pushing the line and that I was causing him to have impure thoughts.  He quoted two passages: Romans 13:11-14 and Ephesians 5:3, which both speak against sexual immorality.  In short, it seemed (though it was a little unclear) that he was saying that my posts were bordering on, or in his mind had crossed into, sexual immorality.  He claimed I was flirting with sin and that he felt violated by reading these articles. Continue reading

Okay, I warned you there would be more pregnancy related posts and such coming up because we’re expecting again.  So, here you go.  Even if you have never experienced pregnancy, could you fill out the survey so I could get a more accurate count?  Don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or whatever other social media you use so we can get more survey responses!  Continue reading

ClitoralSlappingAlright, here’s a technique for those who are a bit more adventurous in the bedroom.  Just as a warning to the husbands: DO NOT TRY THIS WITHOUT DISCUSSING IT WITH YOUR WIFE FIRST.  I’ll admit, I was a bit hesitant to bring it up with my wife, but I was curious.  I had gotten some comments from emails and surveys about this activity and I wanted to see what the fuss was about.  My wife Christina joins me on this post, as usual, her comments are in purple.

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Anonymous Question

Christina and I are still out of the country, enjoying some relaxation after our mission trip, but I received an email and couldn’t hold off responding to it. The question I received through our Have A Question page is this:

My husband would like to see me have sex with another man but has decided that since I will not do that, then we can pretend like I had sex with another man and he wants me to talk about the experience as if it happened. He’s angry at me for not wanting to participate in any of this. He has a lot of rejection issues, and says he is bored with his life and based on a lot of other things in his life he would like some excitement, and he thinks this is why he craves something new in our sex life. I am at a complete loss how to approach him or what to do to spice up our sex life. He is bored and since I don’t want to do these particular things that makes me a prude and boring in the bedroom. It’s really creating problems in our marriage.

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Anonymous QuestionThis post is a response to an anonymous question I received two days ago through our Have a Question page.  This person asks:

If marriage is not the same today as it was in the bible, are the guidelines for sex still in marriage still the same? [sic]

As is usually the case, I wish I could respond and ask more questions in return to clarify the question, but as it is anonymous, I cannot.  So, I’ll proceed with what we have.
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