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Sex Within Marriage

Hot and Monogamous, just as God intended

Make New Years Resolutions StickWell, it’s that time of year again, when people start making resolutions.  “This year’s going to be different” you say!  But what are you doing to ensure it’s different.  What makes you more likely to attain your resolutions this year?

Well, I thought I would offer some friendly tips.  Some free coaching as it were.

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One Million ViewsThis Sunday we hit a pretty incredible milestone: One Million Views.  Of course, if you know anything about blogging and/or websites, you know that a “view” or “hit” doesn’t equal someone reading.  Google’s best estimate places the number of people who have read our blog at about 120,000, and that’s still…well, just crazy.

We also recently hit 1,000 Fans on our Facebook page, 1,500 Followers on our Twitter feed, 400 Followers on our Google+ page, and 700 email subscribers.  In short, we’ve got a lot of milestones to celebrate.

As well, I’ve been working, over the last year, to look for ways to help you, our readers, and so I have two announcements to make: Continue reading

Why Do I Need To Fix Our MarriageI think a lot of spouses have this question.  Whether the relationship is lacking in quantity or quality of sex, communication skills, budgeting, or whatever.  Typically there is one spouse that is more “high drive” in that area.  They want to push this aspect of the marriage forward.  In marriage, both spouses need to work together to get the full benefit of any improvement, however, often the other spouse is either content to leave things where they are, or content to let their partner do all the hard work.

Many times the driving spouse is left to wonder “Why am I, alone, responsible for making our marriage better?”  usually the next thought it “It’s not fair!”

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Anonymous Question
I’m afraid I received this email from our Have A Question page nearly a week ago, so I’m a bit late in answering it.  The questions are:

I have 2 questions. The first is, Is it normal or okay to use condoms because neither spouse wants to get fixed? My second question is Why don’t men like to get fixed?

Now, this has already been pretty much answered in our Birth Control Options For Christians post, but I thought I’d answer it directly and perhaps add a little more.

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Anonymous QuestionI received a question on our Facebook Page a few days ago dealing with appearance and who should get to choose how you look, you or your spouse?  Here’s the question:

If you loved your wife’s looks exactly how she is, how would you feel if she changed that look because she wants a change?
Example: my husband loves my curves and long long hair. I mean loves them. While I am in shape I.would like to tone my tummy (4 kids, after all) so jeans fit more comfortably and I’d like a shorter (mid back rather than waist length) more up to date hair style. He won’t forbid me to change these things, but he has asked me not to.

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How we grow as godly writersLast week I put a question out, in the form of a survey, in response to an email I received, a criticism in fact.  Is this blog informative, or erotic, or somewhere in the middle?  Have we strayed from our mission? Have we crossed the line on what is acceptable and godly…  While it would be easy just to shove the question aside, to rationalize my own writing (correctly or incorrectly), or claim “we’re doing God’s work, so we must be right”, I believe in the counsel of many, in wisdom of godly people, and while I don’t know of the individual relationships between our readers and God, I trusted that if there was rebuke to be had from God, He would convict me, through the voices of many, even if it was a single comment.  Because, I believe this is one way to grow as godly writers.

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