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Does losing weight improve your sex life?

Does losing weight improve your sex life?

Way back in March, someone asked the question, “How does being overweight affect the quality of your sex life?” on our Have A Question page.  So, I asked who wanted to be involved in a long-term study to see if there’s a connection between getting fit

Don't say yuck about food, or "I hate my body"

Don’t say yuck about food (Don’t say “I hate my body”)

We have a rule in our house.  You don’t say “yuck” about food.  We created this rule for our children, because with five of them, invariably one of them isn’t interested in what we made for supper.  You put the food down, and they push

Do Christians have sex during the wife's period?

Do Christians have sex during their period?

Way back in May, I started a survey on period sex.  I said I would do the analysis when we hit 600 respondents.  Well, I give up.  We hit 490 and it’s sat there for the last two months.  I stopped badgering the mailing list

Your spouse may need time to desire sex

Your spouse may need time to want sex

Something that’s often hard for those of us who are interested in sex more often to understand why our spouses don’t want sex as often.  While working through my questions backlog, I saw this one, and wanted to answer it: What does it mean for

Should I listen to my husband or God?

Should I listen to my husband or God?

This morning I listened to a recorded Facebook live broadcast.  It was about whether you should listen to God or your husband that I really wanted to respond to.  It’s here if you want to see (you’ll have to have a facebook account I’m afraid).  Scott LaPierre

How do you deal with a spouse who isn't acting like a Christian?

What do you do with a spouse who isn’t acting like a Christian?

In the comments on posts, and in my inbox, I often hear people lamenting that their spouse isn’t acting like a Christian.  It could be they never apologize, or they watch porn without remorse.  It could be they masturbate instead of having sex with their

There are no salvation issues, there are only relationship issues

There are no salvation issues

Yesterday I mentioned that, when discussing theology, there are no “salvation issues”.  I said I’d elaborate on that today.  It’s common in Christianity to side-step theology conflicts by saying Well, it’s not a salvation issue This usually means This won’t save you or cause you

Do you talk about theology with your spouse?

I’ve been very blessed to have a spouse who believes the same things I do about God.  We even changed denominations together a decade ago.  We both felt convicted that the church we grew up in wasn’t teaching doctrine that was in keeping with the Bible.

How to respond to an apology

I wrote a few posts about apologizing lately and realized it didn’t yet write one about how to respond to an apology.  So, how do you answer someone who said they’re sorry?

Are some men just not as visual as others?

Here’s a question I received through our Have A Question page a while back (I have a bit of a backlog). Are some men just not as visual as others? My husband doesn’t seem that affected by my physical appearance, and I am a petite