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Sex Within Marriage

Hot and Monogamous, just as God intended

What effect does premarital sex have on a marriage Last week I put out our premarital sex survey because I’d been getting a lot of comments, emails, etc. talking about how people felt their premarital sex, even if it was with their now spouse, had damaged their marriage.  As well, after our post Is my married sex life ruined because I had sex before marriage? we got a lot of questions asking how common this was.  There are a lot of people thinking they are the only ones in their situation.  If they had sex before marriage, they think they’re one of the few Christians who fell to this temptation.  If they didn’t, they think they’re one of the few Christians who made it to marriage as virgins…and then wonder if it was worth the effort.

So, we put this survey out to help answer a lot of these questions, in the hopes that more of you will recognize you aren’t alone in your struggles, but also to, hopefully, help us to better understand how sex before marriage can affect our marital sex lives, and thus be better armed when speaking with our kids, so we don’t have to give the traditional Christian answer of “You just don’t!”

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Are my sex toys toxic I received this question during one of our surveys:

Where can one find a good christian resource for toys that encourage safe toys since most or a great many sex toys have toxic substances in them. Most resources that I have been able to find have porn ads embedded in the sites.

And I thought, “Hey, I could be a good Christian resource that encourages safe toys!” Continue reading

Delight your marriage episode 4 It’s been an exhausting few days for me.  I’ve been trying to write more, but the last couple days, between the new born waking frequently, and a sudden rush of work in my day job, I just haven’t had the time to sit and write a post.

So, I’m just going to take a few quick seconds to tell you about something that happened a couple weeks ago, but I don’t think I posted about. Continue reading

Survey This survey is in response to a comment I got on our of our previous surveys.  They were wondering how premarital sex affected marital sex.  I asked on our Facebook page if there were any other questions people wanted answered, and this is the survey I came up with, to try and get them all in. Continue reading

To Anonymous Question day I received this question in my email:

Should Christians have sex during Lent?

Since it’s lent right now, I thought it would be appropriate to answer in a blog post, as I’m sure some others are wondering the same thing.  Likewise, there are probably a bunch of Christians who don’t know what lent is or why anyone would give sex up for it.  So, I’ll address it, assuming you’ve never heard of Lent.

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BloggerTurnedAuthor Many people (bloggers, authors, readers) have been telling me for a while that I should write a book, and this year I mentioned that one of my goals was to do just that: write a full length book about marriage in general, not just about sex.

Well, I haven’t completed that goal yet, but I took my first step (or perhaps two).  This week, I published two Kindle books to Amazon titled “Sex Within Marriage – Help for Christian Wives” and “Sex Within Marriage – Help for Christian Husbands“. Continue reading