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Hot and Monogamous, just as God intended

Monthly Archives: July 2013

How To Stop Fighting At church today, I was talking to a teen, and during the conversation he asked how often my wife and I fight.  I answered that we don’t fight, and he was floored.  His parents fight constantly.  Then it occurred to me, mine fight fairly regularly too, and most married couples I know do.  So, what happened in my marriage?  Why don’t we fight anymore?  We used to, so how did we stop fighting? Continue reading

The Problem With Being A Christian Sex Blogger I felt like writing, and I have a stack of topics, but I didn’t feel like doing any research, so that leaves me with one option: writing something about myself. And so, that’s what I’m doing. You know what the problem with being a Christian sex blogger is? Well, there are many. Some of these have nothing to do, specifically, with the topic of sex, but this is my post, so I’ll say them anyways.  This is largely a vent, and I wasn’t sure I was going to post it, but it might prove insightful to someone, and I want to vent, so, here goes.  Note: You have been forewarned. Continue reading

Some Rough Sex Statistics So, many people were interested in the results.  I’m guessing most don’t want just an excel spreadsheet of the data, but rather want the knowledge gained from the survey, so I’m going to do my best to break it down into bits of knowledge instead of bits of data.

So, let’s handle the simple things first. Continue reading

I Want My Husband To Want Me I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’ve been getting more and more comments from women say that they want sex more than their husbands, completely shattering the stereotype that men always want more sex.  There are blogs from women in these types of marriages, guest posts, threads on message boards, everywhere you see wives saying “I want my husband to want me!”, but still the popular myth is maintained: that men need/want sex more than women.  And anywhere a woman stands up and says “I like sex” or “I want sex every day” or “I want sex more than my husband”, there is someone standing up calling “unicorn” (mythical creature).  But anyone who runs a blog dealing with marriage or sex, and I’d guess anyone in that area of marriage counselling as well, has to know that these are not unicorns, and there aren’t more of them every day, they’re just becoming more vocal. Continue reading


I was looking at the stats for the blog today, and it reminded me of a question I had last night:  I wonder how many people think they are the only ones in marriage having problems with sex, or who think that maybe sex in marriage is supposed to be dull/bad/painful and/or infrequent.  It popped into my head because of something I wrote a few days ago.  I didn’t post it here, because it was for a project being hosted by My Beloved Is Mine!.  But, when I was reading their post (and incidentally, some of my own words back to myself), it sparked the question.   Continue reading

What_About_Sex_For_The_Widowed_Spouse I received a question today that frankly stunned me:

Do you have anything on, “What to do if you’re a widow or widowed now”, as now there’s no sexual partner but only desires, what do you do?
Thank you

It stunned me because, I have not given a single thought to this, and frankly, that’s pretty rare for me.  Usually I have some thought on any subject.  But this time I sort of echoed the question: “Yeah! What DO you do?” What if you are the surviving spouse, and you are used to having a sexual relationship and now it’s suddenly gone?

So, I turn to the Bible, because it is my first source of wisdom.  Then I discussed it with my wife, because she is my second source of wisdom, and she basically pointed me back to the Bible (with suggestions).  And then I thought about it because, well, that’s what I do, and sure enough, more Bible verses came to mind.  So, here’s what I came up with. Continue reading

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