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Hot and Monogamous, just as God intended

Monthly Archives: September 2012

Last night my application was accepted to the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association (CMBA)!

What is the CMBA? Well, from their site:

The Christian Marriage Bloggers Association is a community of Christian internet marriage ministries that exists as a gathering place, like the Biblical watering well we provide a safe place to come together to encourage each other while we uplifting marriages around the world.

So, one of the things they do is organize association wide events.  Next up is the 1/2 Marathon Blog Challenge.  Basically, it’s 13 blog posts in 13 days for each participant starting October 1st through to the 13th.  I’m going to be using this time to answer all the questions I was given during the “A Males Perspective” teleconference I participated in last week.  I had intended to get them up sooner, but I fell ill, and it just wasn’t possible.  This will give me the kick I need to get it done. Continue reading

In the last week or two, there has been a lot of discussion in the Christian marriage blog-o-sphere about teaching your spouse, as far as I can tell, it originated with an article over at Hot, Holy and Humorous called How You Like To Be Touched.  I highly suggesting giving it a read, and watch the video, it’s hilarious.

The main premise of all these discussions are that the genders are wired very differently for romance. Continue reading

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