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Hot and Monogamous, just as God intended

Monthly Archives: January 2012

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So, here I am, a Christian, launching a blog, about sex.  What am I thinking?

I’ve been a Christian my entire life (meaning I grew up in a Christian family).  Recently I have come to realize that we, as Christians, are not doing a good job of teaching about sex. In fact, we are doing a horrible job at teaching about sex within marriage.  We spend so much time telling people “No sex until you’re married”.  But we forget to tell them “after that, you’re good to go”.  Often we teach “Sex is bad” and leave off the “unless your married, then it can be amazing”.  We don’t teach anything about sex within marriage, only about sex before marriage.

In short, the message we tend to get is “sex is dirty, dangerous and sinful, so save it for someone you love”.  How messed up is that? Continue reading

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